Haunted Halloween 2015 Graveyard Cemetery with Fog Gallows and Coffin Corpse

We have a video and pictures from our 2015 Halloween display. Check out the fog as it rolls across the ground and through the Skull Orchard Cemetery Tombstones.
Best Halloween 2015 display fog in cemetery
See the realistic skeleton corpse in a full size wooden coffin.

See the most realistic looking 3500 year old Egyptian Mummy in a home display.

See the reproduction of the Scarecrow from the movie Sleepy Hollow.
Best Halloween 2015 display fog in cemetery
See the realistic gallows with 6 and a half foot tall pumpkin head executioner with victim with a hood  over their head.

See other grave yard ghouls standing in the cemetery.

See a graveyard ghoul coming out of a crypt.

See the vampire skeleton bat as it greets you at the entrance of the Skull Orchard Cemetery.
Best Halloween 2015 display Entrance Skull Orchard Cemetery
 See the Butts family grave monuments almost 8 feet tall. (Harry and Bertha Butts plus Fanny and Seymour Butts.

See the grave markers for the Jack the Ripper victims. Mary Nichols, Catherine Eddowes, Mary Kelly, Annie Chapman. and Elizabeth Stride.
Best Halloween 2015 display Skull Orchard Cemetery
See the grave markers for Edgar Allan Poe, Madeline  and Roderick Usher (Poe’s Fall of the House of Usher).

See the grave markers for Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm (Grimm’s Brothers Fairy Tails)

See the grave markers for Dr Henry Jekyll and Mr Edward Hyde.

See the grave markers for Mary Shelly (wrote Frankenstein) Bram Stoker (wrote Dracula), Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler) and Dorian Gray.

See the grave markers for Ichadod Crane, Tom Walker, Baltus Irving plus more.
Best Halloween 2015 display tomb stones Ichadod Crane, Tom Walker, Baltus Irving

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